COMMODITIES – Kendzi Silberstein INC SRL

Kendzi Silberstein INC SRLKendzi Silberstein INC SRL has been able to maintain agility and finesse in the way we conduct business as our global strategic sourcing is centralized. Our approach makes it easy for suppliers and buyers to meet their goals even more quickly and seamlessly, across divisions and geographies, through one main contractual procedure.

With our tripartite agreement, our main focus are but not limited to the following main products: Finance, Energy, Metals, Agriculture, Transportation.

Financial Instruments:

  • Medium Term Notes (MTNs),
  • Bank Guarantees (BGs),
  • Certificate of Deposits (CDs),
  • Bank Bonds,
  • Bank Drafts,
  • Zero Coupons,
  • Standby Letter of Credits (SBLCs),
  • Private Placement Program (PPP),
  • Treasury Strips (T-Strips),
  • Treasury Notes,
  • Currency, etc.
  • Energy Products

Kendzi Silberstein INC SRL physically supplies crude oil and oil products as well as steam coal, metallurgical coal and coke etc.

Metals and Minerals

Kendzi Silberstein INC SRL physically supplies bauxite, alumina, aluminium, zinc, copper, lead, ferroalloys, nickel, cobalt and iron ore etc.

Agricultural Products

Kendzi Silberstein INC SRL supplies wheat, corn, barley, rice, oilseeds, meals, edible oils, biodiesel, cotton and sugar etc.


Chartering, trading, logistics, operations and risk management of ocean freight solutions.

Our team has a long-term, integrated and committed approach to trading and portfolio management across the value chain and across different products. Our team is always ready to assist our clients to identify and maximise trade opportunities and business potential.

Kendzi Silberstein INC SRL continues to diversify into new commodities, markets and segments.